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carving, ceramic

In Greenland, there are maps carved out of wood explaining to newcomers the contours of the fjords, and carved bones representing Tupilaks, the evil spirits, to non-believers.
    Together with Lena, we developed our own carved vocabulary, inspired by Greenlandic language (Kalaallisut) made of assemblies of images.
    Following ideas of objects I had in mind, I carved three antlers, three sentences describing the function and global shape of tableware. Then from her reading and interpretation of the bones, Lena threw a collection of ceramics and carved them relating our dialogue.

Project developped during Hors Pistes Nuuk 2017 residency program.
in collaboration with

Lena Augusta Olsen

Kim Kleist Eriksen
artist, sculptor, musician

↑Moments in Kim Kleist Eriksen workshop
Photo on the right © Gwendoline Lémeret / Hors Pistes

↑Personnal glossary of ceramic related Kalaallisut vocabulary

↑Phrases carved in reindeer antlers and describing ceramic objects & Qiperukkat carving dictionnary
Photo © Émile Barret / Hors Pistes

↑Photo © Émile Barret / Hors Pistes