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Crossing parallels
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Latex & ochre
Hors Pistes

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Drawing circles
Mapping design practices

bio @amandine__david

I am a Brussels based designer and researcher. My work celebrates sharing as a methodology and opportunity to redefine design processes.

    My research is located at the crossroad of traditional crafts and digital practices. It usually takes shape in the creation of tools and material experimentation libraries.
     I am also the co-founder of Hors Pistes, a nomadic residency program that initiates encounters between craftsmen and designers and explores the value of trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.


 →Archeology of gesture, research developped in collaboration with Philippe Geron, composite plastic artisan, is part of the exhibition Duos en Résonances at Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek.

    Order of Operations curated by Ohme, BozarLab — BE 2021
   Transitions - An ongoing operation on change, MAD Brussels — BE 2020-21
    The Circle-Dutch Invertuals, Kazerne — NL 2020
    Collectible — BE 2020
    The Circle-Dutch Invertuals, Dutch Design Week — NL 2019
    Changing attitudes, Z33 — BE 2019
    Unmaking School, C-Mine Genk — BE 2019
    Hors Pistes - Conversations between artisans & designers, Mudac — CH, 2019
    G18, Dutch Design Week — NL, 2018
    Unmaking School, Istanbul Design Biennial — TR, 2018
    Hors Pistes Nuuk, Nuuk Lokalmuseum — GL, 2017
    Luma Days, Les ateliers Luma, Arles — FR, 2017

    Who is it? , Social Design Master, Design Academy Eindhoven — NL, 2020
    Mapping design practices, Social Design Master, Design Academy Eindhoven — NL, 2018
    École des Beaux Arts de Rennes — FR, 2016
    Lycée Choiseul, Applied Arts section — FR, 2014

Lectures & panels
    Tea Conversation, Motel Win Win, TAC, Eindhoven — NL, 2018
    Disaster studies symposium, TAC, Eindhoven — NL, 2018
    Le Laboratoire Cambridge, Boston — USA, 2017
    Swissnex, Wanted Design, New York — USA, 2017
    Africa Design Day, ENSCI, Paris — FR, 2014
     Hors Pistes Ouagadougou, CID Grand-Hornu, Hornu — BE, 2013

Awards & Grants
    IMAL Fablab residency program — BE, 2020
  WORTH European Grant for Crossing Parallels — ES, 2020-2021
    WBDM Prototyping grant — BE, 2017
  FORMAT Z33 grant and research program — BE, 2019
    WBDM Prototyping grant for Qiperukkat — BE, 2017
    Gijs Bakker Award, nomination for Crossing parallels graduation project — NL, 2018

    Social Design Master, Design Academy Eindhoven, received with cum laude — NL, 2018
    DSAA Créateur Concepteur, La Martinière Diderot, Lyon — FR, 2010
    BTS Design Produits, Les Herbiers — FR, 2008